Doubletree at Disney Springs transportation

We are staying at Doubletree in July and are having a scooter delivered there for my husband. We will use their shuttle service to the parks but want to go over to Disney springs one day. What’s the best way to get there with the scooter? I’ve tried to research Uber but can’t seem to find what I need

If your group is ok with walking, there’s a good sidewalk alongside the hotels to the elevated crosswalk to DS. There’re elevators at each end of the crosswalk.

My sister and her adult daughter could easily walk this distance in 10 minutes.

This might be the easiest way for a scooter to get to DS.

I hope you find the shuttle service more consistent than when we stayed at the Doubletree in July 2018. In three days we experienced the whole gamut from Johnny on the spot to missing in action. :grin:

Yikes! We may have to Uber to parks.
I didn’t realize we were that close to walk to DS. With the elevator we’ll be fine
Thank you

Our longest waits were leaving the parks to return to the hotel.

At MK the hotel shuttle stop was at the TTC. With no cover, something we’ve really become accustomed to with Disney transportation. It was pouring rain our MK evening so we took the monorail to the Contemporary expecting to Uber. This was the idea of so many guests we got on a DS bus. The bus stop is a bit of a walk from elevated crosswalk, altho there are places to stop for refreshment in DS.

Our Epcot evening my sister and I decided to leave before Illuminations started. We did score a bench, uncovered, at the bus stop where we waited at least an hour, watching both Illuminations and an approaching thunderstorm. As we waited we saw several Disney DS buses come and go and had nearly decided to grab one of those when our hotel shuttle arrived. Our driver was rather speedy but we arrived safely. The rest of our group - adult & 3 teens - watched Illuminations and then grabbed a Disney DS bus and walked.

Oh, at that time each bus went to two parks. I don’t recall the schedule.

Thank you for the information. I want to make sure I understand
So getting to the parks from hotel wasn’t a problem just getting back?
And it’s better to take a DS bus from park to DS and walk to hotel?

Going to parks: there was a schedule, I think every 30 minutes. We made sure to be outside where the bus stops a few minutes early. Once the bus was on time. Once it was late but less than 30 minutes. Another time it was well past 30 minutes. Apparently someone hadn’t gotten the bus ready to go ahead of time.
This was better than at night, tho the drop off at the park is not where Disney buses drop off. I have no info on current situation.

Depending on weather, perhaps it is better to get the Disney DS bus - more dependable. And depending on how tired y’all are!