Double check me- WDW vet 1st DCA trip!

Okay guys just finished rework of DCA plan…

It’s been a long time since we did the whole theme park commando open to close…

Some background this trip was originally planned for last January as a trade school graduation present for my Marvel fan- we had to give the room away last minute to family as DS graduated in December and was picked up by his first choice union in January- we had 10 days to get him from Nashville to Tampa…Spent a few weeks in the spring stalking DVC pieced together another trip for next month!

Welding Reboot! Is supposed to be DS1 (27) DS1’s +1 (25), and DS2 (25 y/o). My boys have been traveling to WDW regularly since 1997,- so we really don’t plan like we used too since becoming DVC and AP holders…

Flash forward he started “really” working in August and has been gone 2-3 weeks a month since…and just got the heads up he maybe working in Louisiana last few days of our trip. DS1 & DS1’s+1 both got big promotions in November so as of right unsure if they can make it…Bad mom that I am- I am not giving the room away if I have to this will be a solo- trip and I am reworking a slower placed plan if I am solo…

This is the family crazy open to close schedule and something has gotta give-

We have genie+, and I will be doing a DAS video chat later in the month- even though I qualify at WDW it’s not a guaranteed for DLR. So I am not counting on it for our trip.

But keep in mind - I am kinda mobility challenged so backtracking and crisscrossing the park may need to keep to a minimum.

  • Suggestions are really really really * welcome!

Even if you don’t get DAS (though we did) go to GS and get mobility pass information. Particularly if you are using assistive devices. There are older rides that have extra issues with mobility and you can get a return on these and then go in through the exit. A good GS CM can tell you all about it.

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Two recommendations:

  1. Check Animation Academy schedule early in the morning and check if the character at the time you want to go is one you want to draw. It’s super rare that the auditorium is full, so you can usually show up just a few minutes early and get a spot.

  2. Are you doing a meal package for WoC? That way you can show up later to watch the show (and amazing spots).

  3. I think that’s totally reasonable. DCA can be done very quickly, especially if you show up early in the morning. Californians get up super later so parks tend to be low crowds until 10am easily.


Ok yes so just got the alert and booked my reservation for WoC dessert party…It’s impossible to find much info on how it’s actually set-up…

@mathhound did you by chance do this one? Curious as to how it’s actually laid out. I am assuming since they had a tick off moblity box there is either possiblity of stairs or roll-up friendly tables aren’t used…

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Sorry we did not do WoC with or without a dining package.

I did not do the dessert package, but I did WoC dining package with a friend in a ECV.

There was a special entrance for people in ECV with dining packages that was way at the end of the viewing area. The view was spectacular. I am trying to remember the dessert area; I think the tables at the back were just a few levels down and had access through ramps.

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The dessert party tables will be all throughout the teal section and everyone accesses their dessert party table by entering via the ramp with the blue arrow.

The front level of the section is lower tables and the back of the section has director chairs with bar-height tables. We’ve done the dessert party 2x and both times have been seated at the bar-level tables. You’ll check in ahead of time & at that point you can pick your seat. The earlier you check-in the more availability there is. The last I heard the check-in was now located along the Grizzly River pass trail (a little pathway behind the attraction that starts between the big water wheel & the Bay Area restrooms).

Let me know if you have other questions of the dessert party. There used to be a pretty good disboards thread about World of Color but I haven’t checked it since pre-shutdown to see if it’s accurate these days.

@lolabear_la Thanks I appreciate the photo looks like no stairs, any idea if that teal section is flat?

Yes the teal section is flat. The ramp along the side slopes down (very gradually) but the entire teal area is flat & level.

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Any thoughts on if the lower or higher tables are better?

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Both times we’ve done it we’ve been sat at a higher table and very much enjoyed it, but I haven’t ever done the lower tables to directly compare. The lower tables are right at the railing of the section and the higher tables are at the back. I usually hate any bar level seating but the directors chairs are oh so nice. And I certainly felt it was easier to see the full height of the fountains and scope of the show a little better from the higher height. But I imagine the railing view isn’t bad either, since the section in front of it is on a lower level so you’re not competing with looking at the back of anyone’s head.


I’ve usually been sat at the lower tables and found the views good. There’s nobody standing close in front of you so can easily see everything.