Double booking hotels

Hi all,

We are booked to stay at all star movies between 26th October and 9th November covid depending, it is one of our daughters birthday on 1st November, as a surprise I’m wanting to book AKL for 2 nights, does anyone know if this is possible as we won’t be checking out of all star movies? Also if it is possible, would this be possible on the mydisneyexperience app and through magic bands ie opening doors?

Many thanks in advance


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Do you have two adults? Pre-Covid often you needed a different adult to be the lead guest on each reservation. I don’t know if anyone knows if the system is still set up to flag the double booking by the same adult.

Yes my wife will be there aswell however I was trying to keep it as a surprise for her also :sweat_smile:

Your wife is not the lead on the All Stars? Will you book the AKL through Disney or a DVC rental (dvc can be double booked with the Disney reservation with no worry).

No I’m the lead on the all stars. I am looking at booking it through davids dvc

If you are booking through David’s it will be no problem!

Brilliant thank you

Just a heads up that if you do list her on the reservation (which you’ll need to do for her magic band to work as a key) that it will show up in her MDE. I don’t know if she logs in at all, but it will show up there.

She hasn’t created an MDE account however I have set her up on mine as family

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2 nights in a value studio or 1 night in either a savanna view studio or possibly in the club kilimanjaro studio? Similar prices

Value studios are really hard to get!

So are the Club rooms. I’ve been trying to book one since November :sob:

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