Don't take a pet to Hard Rock Hotel

This is a gripe, and feel free to disagree, but HRH advertises as “loving pets” and specifically allows dogs. We’re booked into the dog wing of the hotel, but because it’s spring break, they’ve booked non-pet people next door, who are apparently in their room during the daytime. They keep reporting when my dog barks for maybe 15 minutes before settling down. They have zero plan to reopen the dog kennels, so what is the deal? It’s a 4 lb Maltese, so she’s anxious but not very loud. I’m just irritated, we’ve stayed here and at RP before with no issues. I feel like making a complaint between like 11 am and 5 pm is a bit much? Why not go to the parks? They’re charging me a pet fee and now I have to board her down here anyways.


If you need to vent… Go right ahead!!

That’s unfortunate… This is a no-win situation for everyone. It would be great if they could move the other person, but if HRH is fully booked there’s nothing they can do either.

The pet policy is a bit ambiguous. It states, "Hard Rock Hotel reserves the right to remove guests whose pets are deemed noisy or disruptive. "

What seems “not very loud” or “just 15 minutes” to one guest can be another person’s vacation killer. :man_shrugging: :cry:

A lot of people take midday rest breaks. I love going 12+ hours in the parks, but my wife & daughter like to come back after lunch for a nap and avoid the hottest part of the day. It’s pretty common to do.

If you have to go board your dog, I’d get my pet fee back!

I really hope the rest of your trip goes well!!


We’re pool facing on the first floor and the pool music is blasting for 12 hours at a time, so I think the daytime noise complaint is just people who didn’t realize there could be dogs, not about the noise. You couldn’t sleep through the pool noise anyway.


They also gave me a door hanger that says on one side - safe to enter, party animal inside, my pet loves company, and on the other side - do not enter, party animal inside, my pet needs privacy. Doesn’t the door hanger acknowledge that the pet will be alone in the room sometimes?


I’m sure this is a frustrating situation.

Did you know your dog barks for 15+ minutes when left alone in a hotel room? To me, that is excessive and the dog is not well suited to traveling.


I’m sorry. That stinks.

For me personally, a dog barking winds me up much more than continuous pool noise. I can filter out continuous noise but once a dog starts barking, I’m on edge waiting for it to start again.


I’m likely to be the outlier (or been the b word) here, but here goes.

A dog barking for 15 minutes at a time would definitely make me mad. I take vacations partially to get away from my neighbor’s constantly barking dogs. If you know your dog is a barker, for however many minutes until they settle, it seems somewhat inconsiderate to take them to a hotel.

I have a dog. I love dogs. I hate incessant barking. I leave the radio on in our camper plus aim our webcam at her so I can make sure I am being a responsible & considerate pet owner.


At the end of the day, please, know that you can always come here to vent! We invest a lot into these trips - not only money, but our expectations and hopes. It’s always frustrating when, even though you are doing what you can, it isn’t working out.

I really hope this doesn’t spoil the rest of your trip and that you and your little buddy are OK! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Personally I think I could handle 15 mins of barking. I have a Chihuahua after all. She barks at a leaf blowing down the street or the shadow of a bird. I couldn’t handle 15 minutes straight of something like hearing a couple fight loudly or the room above me stomping loudly. I could handle it for a minute or 2 at a time. But if it lasted 15 minutes, I would complain. Everyone is different. 15 minutes is a long time for a dog to bark though.
I would definitely ask for some pet fees back. I’m sorry this is happening. I will travel with my dog if I know my dog can go everywhere I do. She will stay home if not.


I just don’t even understand why there wouldn’t be barking at a pet designated hotel.
And the non pet people were possibly even exaggerating. They could have been ticked to be stuck in doggie land and figured they’d just complain to make a point of being stuck in doggie land.

The very idea of a pet friendly hotel screams to me there will be noise. :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:




I don’t think the Hard Rock advertises big time that they are pet friendly. Honestly I didn’t know it and we stayed at this exact hotel years back. But the complainers should have been notified. But most hotels consider a dog barking at length to be a nuisance and will be asked to leave. Personally I think the complainer exaggerated the time. 15 mins for STRAIGHT barking is a lot for any dog. Usually after a few minutes they settle.


Tell that to my neighbors dog!!! :wink: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rofl:

They put him out most mornings at 5:30am. I think they go back to bed and wait until they have to get up to let him back in. (Which is much later than me) That dachshund is still barking / yipping nonstop when I leave to go to work at 6:30am.

On the weekends they leave him out all day at times. It really is almost nonstop barking for hours. I don’t blame the dog. He doesn’t want to be out there. I blame my neighbors for adopting a dog that they don’t seem to really want


I agree. Although, I think there is a difference between a hotel that is fully pet friendly (such as La Quinta) and hotels that allow pets for a fee. We purposely avoid going to places like La Quinta. But we regularly use Comfort Inn and Suites, many of which allow, for a fee, there to be pets. In the latter, I’d not really call it “pet friendly”. That is to say, I don’t think guests should expect there to be dogs barking in the rooms around them.

I believe HRH is of the latter variety. They will allow pets, but for a fee…and there is expectation that said pet will be “well behaved” in some reasonable manner.

Barking dogs are NOT something I would be the least bit happy about when I’m in a hotel.

Having said that, I think HRH is partially to blame in this kind of situation, because if they are, in fact, going to allow pets, they need to ensure that the area where pets are allowed is insulated from rooms that don’t have/allow pets.


Ahhh. Gotcha. I see the difference.



I agree. If I hear pet friendly, I’d expect some noise. If I have to board my pet I’m going to write a letter to the most important person at that hotel asking why would I stay there again. I might even let slip how many social media contacts I have. As a manager of the hotel I’d want to know I had a spineless lackey working for me. It’s a pet friendly hotel and the disturbance was not during quiet hours.

If you had a couple of noisy kids, you would not have been notified.


Yes, plus HRH and RPR have specific pet-friendly wings/areas. I think generally only up to about 1/3 of the hotel is pet friendly rooms, so there are definitely areas where you wouldn’t necessarily know the hotel allowed pets if you’d only ever stayed there. We always request non-pet rooms for that reason, partially cause of minor allergies and partially cause barking dogs would drive us crazy as well


That’s awful. Dachshunds IMO are too small to be left out all day anyway.