Don't laugh...Hiding from hallowishes

Going to end up taking ds8months with us to mnsshp next Friday (eeeekkk next week!!!) sooooo… Thinking of hiding out during hallowishes… Can you think of some good indoor spots/rides? Don’t think I want to hit the baby center since its close too the crowds/action. We might be near nfl??? Thanks!!!
Ps… I’ve seen hallowishes so don’t feel bad I’m missing them :wink:

Hall of Presidents?

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Hi! My DD7 doesn’t enjoy the fireworks much at all, too noisy for her. Once we were coming off of IASW just as the FW were ending. Didn’t hear them until we got to the boat unloading area and then wondered what all those big booms were, ha ha. I think if we were going to hide from them, I’d camp out inside Pinocchio Village Haus or Cosmic Ray’s. Comfy seating, have a snack, peaceful and empty, esp at PH.

Oh – also – a few weeks back we were coming out of Space Mountain right as Wishes was going. That outdoor seating area wasn’t very loud at all in terms of big bangs, but I could still see some pretty fireworks…


I would have never thought about iasw! Thanks!!! I was also thinking storybook Tent but not sure it’s open during party… Hmmmmm!

The problem with anything in Fantasyland is that it will be loud, even in the rides. We’ve hidden in Pinocchio’s Village Haus during the fireworks, and it is still loud enough to rattle your teeth. I love fireworks, and being anywhere in Fantasyland is a total thrill ride experience. (Heck, I’ve even been hit by a falling spark back there before!)

We have done the baby center during fireworks and it is a very nice, quiet place to be. Another option might be to do the Enchanted Tiki Room.

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Thank you!!! I’ve only really watch fireworks from the hub so this is all new to me. Maybe closer to poc in a store???

The tent is open and you could also just play inside the Dumbo queue

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Idea! eTWB??

I watched them from the Poly beach last night and I was surprised by how quiet the fireworks were . There was one large bang at the end but other than that is was weirdly quiet.