Don't ever challenge Gaston to a push-up duel!

If you do, you might get badly humiliated:



Aha! I cry foul! (Would you expect anything else from Gaston?)

He isnt actually doing real push-ups, unlike the challenger!

Now, if I were to do a push-up challenge, Id sound a lot like the Owl figuring out how many licks it takes to get the center of a Tootsie Pop:

A-one, a-two, a-three.

Thats it. Im done!


LOL he indeed is cheating big time (he is a villain after all) but still pretty good at doing one-armed, half-ass push-ups. At least much better then I would be hehehe

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It is more like holding himself up on one arm and shrugging. He isnt actually invoking his bicep/tricep muscles at all there! Of course, you could call him a cheater, and hed dutifully deny it, Im sure! :slight_smile: