Donald's Dino-Bash! cancelled?

Spouse is a huge Scrooge fan, but on the WDW website it’s now listed as “schedule unavailable”. Checked various blogs and nothing about a cancellation, but with so many minor characters being cancelled for budgetary reasons, I was wondering if there was news that I missed.

As I neither have kids nor have a trip planned this Fall, I’ll admit that I haven’t paid much attention to this event, but for some reason I had the impression that it was a special event for the summer and not necessarily a permenant addition.

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The Dino Bash looks like it may have been a summer thing, but it looks like Scrooge may currently have a meet and greet.


I am pretty sure the Dino Bash was a summer program. I don’t know when it was ending, but it was definitely announced as a summer feature.

See, I feel like I read that the bash was going to be permanent at AK. That, or @jbcmd1 and I are suffering from mass hallucination.

This article says it was to end September 3rd

It was definitely still going the weekend after Sept 3. I have pics with the ADORABLE 'munks, Donald and Daisy from the weekend after.

Did they extend the “Celebrating and Incredible Summer at Disney”?

I don’t know. I just know that it was still happening Sept 7-11.


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One of the DIS Boards mods with CM contacts had said with great confidence that it was continuing indefinitely. It’s the entire reason my DH got on board with going in February so it had better not be canceled!


I am hopeful that this secondhand CM info is, in fact true. As I (like many of us) can’t get there every time new seasonal offerings are put in place… this one excited me. Here’s hoping it’s still around in January.

The dino bash was still going on Sept 19 when we were there. Our girls loved dancing with the chipmunks and meeting a ton of characters. The dinosaur costumes were adorable!

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I wonder if the Disney Food Blog was wrong from the beginning or if it was extended?

It may have been extended, but I’m not sure. It was fun though!

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Looking at the current AK Times Guide on it is most definitely still there. It sounds like it’s a group of character meet’n’greets plus a dance party.

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I went on October 1st and it was still there. Meeting them was a blast! A great CM.