Don’t you even think about it, body!

Running the Fairy Tale Challenge Princess Weekend.

Weekly recap -

1/24 - Cross Training, massage and chiropractor
1/25 - off
1/26 - off
1/27 - 4 miles
1/28 - chiropractor + 6 miles
1/29 - 3 miles
1/30 - 9 miles

Last Sunday I ran 11.5 and then cross trained on Monday. Afterwards, my left hip was feeling super tight. Actually, it started feeling off a couple weeks ago but not painful. More like extremely sore. But the soreness wasn’t going away so I decided to go to my chiropractor and she thinks I strained my TFL which is used to help push off when you are walking/running. She said likely from “overuse”, i.e. my body isn’t used to running all these miles.

I’m trying to do all the things for it. Stretches, ice, foam rolling. Right now it feels fine. Mostly, my pain level is a 1, occasionally a 2. The last time I signed up to run a Half, I got shin splits 6 weeks before the race and ended up not being able to participate. I’m just really hoping my body holds up for this one. I’d be so crushed if I couldn’t run after all the time and effort that have gone into training!

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What does your remaining training look like? If you’ve done 11.5 you’ll be fine. Better to show up undertrained than overtrained and you’re so close now. I’d probably stick to the shorter ones that don’t seem to be aggravating it and then just go for it on race day.

Two long runs left on my plan. 10 next weekend, 12 the next and then 6 the week before the Half.

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So there’s four weeks til the race?

Yes. The Half is four weeks from today.

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I think maybe try to get one more longish one out of it maybe next weekend but otherwise baby it. You’re ready

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That really sucks . Looking at your running for the next four weeks plus what you did this week.


Looks like it is all up weeks with no recovery weeks. I can see why you might have agrivated something.

Maybe think about breaking up the climbing in miles with a down week. It may be just what your body needs.


Agree with @Shellott-hill and @OBNurseNH and adding since you are in Texas, consider going to Arrositi. It’s a max of three therapeutic visits and they accept most insurance. I’ve used them several times during race training and they have always helped me.

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Already on it!! Had my third visit last week. I LOVE Arrosti. This is the third injury I’ve seen them for in the last year. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I have one more appointment at the end of this coming week and am also cutting my runs down from 5 a week to 3. Crossing training at 2 days a week. Hip is already feeling tons better just taking Friday/Saturday off of running.


Awesome!! Yes, continue to rest. Trust the training you’ve done up to this point and you’ve got this!

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