Dolphin/Swan ADR Reservation Window Question

I have stayed at the Dolphin and Swan in the past on loyalty points as an SPG member. As Liner experts know, Dolphin/Swan has most all of the same benefits as Disney resorts (60 day FP+, EMH, etc.), but no ME.

A few years back, we stayed at the Swan and when I went to book my ADRs online through MDE I found that the 180-plus the reservation window did not open for the hotel. I has to come online each AM to make my ADRs even though the Swan reservation was recognized in my MDE profile.

I was recently at the Dolphin and asked the Concierge about this and he stated that he believes that Swan and Dolphin guests should have the same reservation window (180+ the length your reservation) as the Disney resorts. Also, I saw a post on a blog where a Dolphin guest also confirmed that she had the 180+ window for her ADRs.

I am not comfortable waiting until the morning of my ADR reservation window to confirm what is true and was wondering if any Liners have stayed at the Dolphin or Swan recently and can provide a definitive answer this this particular question.

We haven’t stayed yet (Dolphin), but all of our dates opened at the 180 mark…as did the FPPs at 60. Our trip is in August. I hope it works for you this time!!

So, to be clear, at 180 days before your first reservation day you were able to book ADRs for the entire length of your trip all at one time?

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