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So, since the TP people (sorry not sorry) haven’t done the whole room view treatment for the Swan and Dolphin, even though they call them “Deluxe resorts” on one of their pages maybe some of you can help me? I know I can’t request a room the way we do with real Disney resorts, but I at least want to prepare myself so that at check in if they give me a real dog I can request something else. For instance, I’d really like to avoid the rooms where I’d get to hear the ferry horn every 20 minutes. (“A concern for rooms in this area is that the ferry toots its horn every time it approaches and departs the dock. Its path runs right by these rooms, and the horn blows just as it passes. The first time that happens, it’s quaint. By the 117th, your hair will be coming out in clumps.”)

Anyone have anecdotes of specific rooms that might be helpful? TIA!!

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I recently stayed at the Dolphin and had a room on the

on the lagoon side facing Hollywood Studios. I could see the fireworks from my balcony. it was awesome. I recommend the balcony if you can. As for the horn, I don’t think I even noticed it unless I was sitting outside.

we are staying at the swan but with a balcony - just to get some air in the room. We have lake view - but have know idea which part of the lake

sweet, thanks guys. I’m going to ask for a balcony I think. I love hotel rooms on higher floors and I get so few opportunities to do that at WDW because I’m too cheap for the deluxe resorts with higher stories.

I would recommend any room that has nice view of the lake. We loved sitting out there watching the boats come in and out

Are you an SPG member? You are going to get a lot better treatment if you are a member of that program. It really is going to depend on how busy the resort is and whatever convention is going on. You can request a high floor in the reservation if booked directly.

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I am an SPG member, and I did book directly! Booking directly with a AAA discount saved me $1000 for 4 nights over the price if I’d booked through Disney. Good advice, I just added a request for a high floor (and a balcony) on my reservation!

one more question, does anyone remember if there are Keurigs in the room? (So I can pack my cinnamon coffee) - Nevermind, I saw David’s answer on another post! It’s a Mr. Coffee machine. :disappointed:

we are SPG members - service was not any different for us.

By treatment, I didn’t really mean housekeeping or general courtesy. But any upgrades or better rooms in general are most likely going to SPG members especially those with status.

Yeah - didn’t get any upgrades either.