Dollywood reopens on June 15!

I’m very excited but I’m not sure if we’ll be visiting just yet.


I live in Memphis and have always wanted to go. However, it’s a full day drive (8 hours). I was supposed to go last year when we were scheduled to be on that side of the state for my kid’s UT college visit. Then she decided she doesn’t want to go to UT. (This was the only college tour I cared about / wanted to go - just for Dollywood!)


Wow @darkmite2! I didn’t realize that Tennessee was so big! I’m in central NC and we’re only 5.5 hours away! I hope you’re able to visit one day!

We really want to visit Dollywood but we are in CA. it will need to be part of a bigger trip, maybe Smoky Mountains

If I could find the money I’d go for 7/4! But it’s a moot point. I don’t have the money. :wink:

Have you ever eaten at Brother Junipers? I planned our 2018 trip to get there for breakfast before we went to Graceland. I’d make a trek through Memphis again just for that meal!

Yeah…it’s a giant rectangle. We connect to eight other states, the most in the U.S.! From Memphis to the northeast tip is about 500 miles and, for me, is a really long drive. :sunglasses: