Dollywood Bound in 3 weeks!

Going to the other DW! Decided to do a 2-Day ticket at the end of June for my DD17 and I. Possibly taking DS14, but he has a camp until the day before and asked if he could decide day-of. I said that’s fine with me. Haven’t been since October of 2021 so we are looking forward to Big Bear! We are staying one night at the Dreammore Resort so we get free fast passes and plan on upgrading to unlimited! We’ll get up early and drive up (4 hours) and then all day in park, sleep in the resort then rope drop the park the next morning. Resort guests get unlimited timesaver to any line the first hour of the day. Head home by 6:00pm so we aren’t driving through the mountains in the dark.

Anyone have tips or advice? We will be eating in the park and at the resort. Won’t have time to get out and about in Pigeon Forge this trip. I saw they have a summer food festival. Anyone have experience with this? Is it worth it to buy the tasting pass? Feeling a little rusty.


Fantastic news! We are booked here in November, and I didn’t realize this. So are they for one ride on all things that take them?

It’s the basic timesaver and you can pick 5 rides excluding big bear and Lightening Rod. Dragonflyer and Firechaser can only be ridden once. But other rides can be repeated. You can pay to upgrade to unlimited according to the website, but if you rope drop you probably won’t need to. I’m going to upgrade for the day we can’t rope drop so we can get on Big Bear.


We will have at least 2 (possibly 3) days if I decide I need three in the park. I’m thinking it might be nice to break it up in pieces and kind of take it slow so we can have time to enjoy the resort as well. SO nice to have this timesaver! It will definitely make it easier to do the things we want to do.

I’ve done very little research other than just making the booking to be sure we could get the rooms when we needed them. I’m looking forward to the researching when it gets closer to time.

Looking forward to following your TR if you choose to share your experiences!

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@Broph1988 : Calling you over for the questions in the original post.

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I’ve done 3 days in the park before and even though it’s not necessary, it is wonderful to have the time to take it easy, and you could easily fit in plenty of resort time that way.

We’ll see if a trip report happens. I’m not great at those but I can definitely do a recap!


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What days will you be there?

I should be there 11 & 12 and 23-27.

Thrill data has some info on ride wait times. We are Diamond Pass so we get first hour privileges, but none of the others you mention. I am nervous to see what summer waits are like after have springtime visits.

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We’ll miss you by a day! June 28-29. I’ve gone during spring break. Just arrive early because parking can get really backed up (at least it did back then and probably still does) during high season. I’ve seen people online say to be in line to enter the park 45 mins early for rope drop and that’s what I’ll plan on. Having the fast pass helped a lot during spring break, but since you will be there several days you can do it all with the help of the golden hour.

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I am huge fan of the tasting pass- I would highly advise getting at least one for the two of you. The pass can be used during the entire festival.