Dollar Car Rental at MCO

For those of you who use Dollar, does MCO still not have standard cars. So if you reserve a standard, you get an automatic upgrade to full-size? We did this last year. Wondering if it’s still the same.


Did you have an otherwise good experience with Dollar? I’ve never rented with them before, but they were by far the cheapest for our October trip. We’re going with economy size and hoping it’s not too small since there’s only two of us.

I just asked about this yesterday. Someone replied that they use them all the time with no issues. I just became a dollar express member so that we can go straight to the garage & not have to wait for in any lines!

That’s a great idea! Thanks for the tip - I’ll go do that now!

Is there a reason you have to give them CC info? Does it charge a membership fee or something?

Absolutely! Make sure to join Dollar Express and you can bypass the regular line.

On our way back to the airport, we accidentally took a toll exit (Sunpass,or whatever it’s called, only, no cash) and Dollar did not make us pay the fee.

Not sure about the economy size, but I would probably go that route if it were just 2 of us.

Good experience all around for us!

It takes about three days to get the email with your number. Also put that in with “chep” in promo code box to get a 20% off discount. For our 6 day trip I got an economy so far for $120 total. U can cancel it & rebook or modify the ressie if you see cheaper price too. So I check it every few days. I will pay a few $$ more to not wait in a line. Last year I got rental car off priceline. Budget… Waited at least an hr & 1-2 in line. Will NOT do that again. Avis also offers same thing but the first time u must go to a counter to verify your cards, etc. I’m sure that’s why on avis you get your member number immediately but with dollar they probably verify your card etc & that’s why it takes a couple days!

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That’s how u bypass the line! Your info is stored so that way u can skip the lines :slight_smile:

Ohhhhh - that makes sense. I’ve not rented a car before and wasn’t sure how payment worked, but that makes sense. Thank you!

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Are you over 25?

Yes, both over 25, so at least not paying a premium for that anymore!

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When are you planning a trip? We went on our honeymoon & every year since. We just celebrated our 17th anniversary.

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This was 1992!

We’re going in October for our honeymoon! We live in SoCal, so we’re already DL passholders, but I’ve never been to WDW before, so I’m excited!


Tell me more! Dates? Hotel? Etc!

Oct 1-12, staying at a timeshare we’re borrowing from family (free is always the best price, haha). Can’t wait!

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Are you doing food&wine?

A bit - most of the meals are pre-set menus and are rarely edible for the DH, so we’re mostly just trying whatever small bites we can, enjoying the live music, etc.

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Yikes… Forgot about the allergy things! Sorry. It is still fun to walk about & you can sample!

Indeed! And we’ll be plenty busy just going to the parks and seeing all the regular things.

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