Dole Whip recipe released!

Who knew it would be so simple?

You can find the recipe video on the Disney app.

Or there are screenshots and the recipe here:

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I can’t speak to any of it in terms of taste…but that isn’t actually the Dole Whip recipe from Disney. Disney uses a mix, and it is dairy free.

Having said that, perhaps this recipe tastes close enough?


I was thinking the same thing. But it sounds good and I can’t wait to try it.

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Let us know if you make it! We will definitely try it, but JUST got groceries last night. So it will be a while before we have a chance to buy the ingredients.

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Best Dole Whip recipe that I’ve made MANY times is just frozen pineapple and coconut milk whizzed in a high power blender (add some powdered Stevia if you want it sweet).


I need to start keeping frozen pineapple around! I already have the coconut milk.

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love it!!

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Don’t need a recipe. You can buy the mix from Dole and Amazon.

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My wife bought me a giant bag of the Dole mix online a few years ago, with some experimentation we found this recipe using it worked very well!

We found we like to make vanilla ice cream to go with it, it smooths out the flavor when we have them together.

I have a super low tart tolerance, my son can eat lemons straight up like an orange, the wierdo. :smiley: