Does World Showcase open same time as Future World?

When I’ve gone to Epcot in the past, World Showcase always opened at 11:00am and Future World at 9:00am. Now when I go on the Disney site to see February 2018 Epcot times they only show the park opens at 9:00am. Does World Showcase now open at 9:00am?

The times on the Disney website are correct. I think when Frozen Ever After opened in Norway (or shortly thereafter) they began opening both Worlds at the same time. So, while you can enter World Showcase at 9am, not everything is open. For instance Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros doesn’t open until 11am.

Norway opens at 9, and the bakery in France. I think the QS in Mexico started opening at 9 for breakfast too, but not sure if it still does. Otherwise it opens at 11.

At least some of the food outlets in showcase don’t open til 12pm

On our last day my daughter wanted an Italian ice cream or was it French?

But it wasn’t opening til 12pm

FEA has opened at 9:00 from the start. For the first couple of months, Mexico also opened at 9:00 for the pavilion and ride, along with a breakfast place at one of its restaurants. Mexico went back to 11:00, and the breakfast went away. None of the rest of WS opens at 9:00, except for the bakery in France. I believe all the areas beyond Norway and France are roped off until about 11:00. You can walk past Canada and the United Kingdom to get to France, but their shops are closed until 11:00.

Thank you everyone—that cleared up the mystery!