Does which weekday matter

Hi, I’m new here. :slight_smile:
My family is planning a trip the second week of May. We will arrive on Sunday afternoon. My hope was to do MK on Monday, HS/AK Tuesday (we are splitting up), rest Wednesday, and Epcot on Thursday.

But I’ve seen mixed accounts of what day of the week is best for which park.

Can I get some thoughts on this plan? Does which day of the week for which park really matter all that much?

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Hello and welcome to the Forum!

We’re headed the second week of May as well. The best bet is to use TP’s crowd calendars for general sense of crowds each day. If that matters to you, then yes day of the week might matter. But for a park like HS, the crowd level difference may not vary as much as you think given the draw of Rise of the Resistance.

TP usually updates their crowd level predictions another time or two prior to your date so check back often.

I have not found the TP crowd calendars very helpful in covid times. Rope dropping and doing priority rides first and watching wait times has proven more helpful right now.

The biggest difference seems to be between weekends vs. weekdays. There was a post on TP a few months ago about which days of the week were busiest for each park, but that data (even though during Covid) is stale and may not be applicable. I would base your weekday park days mostly on which park has the longest hours or which best fit when you want to arrive and depart.

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Current crowd calendars make my plan look perfect. It’s 1s and 2s the whole time we are there, hope it stays that way!!
There is one 3 on Wednesday May 12 in HS. Wonder why.