Does TP become redundant because of multiple FP’s?

Hi, we are first timers going in July. I’ve been wondering about FastPasses and TP’s coinciding.

So when you make your initial TP, with your initial 3 FastPass reservations all looks great. But when you’re actually in the parks and you grab a 4th, 5th, 6th FastPass, does the personalised TP then become redundant?

It depends what addtional FP+ you manage to get. Usually, I do make some TP changes on the fly but when you have no luck with additional FP+ your TP is the only thing left to save you LOL


No experience yet but you can’t guarantee what extra FP you will be able to pick up so it is still good to know approximately when to ride the attractions you can’t get. I’d also plan on not having FPP and then have a list of things you’d like to add if time allows due to obtaining more.

I did add in IASW as a 4th because I’m 99% percent certain I’ll get it for the time I want so for a minor attraction like that you could put in a fourth but O wouldn’t go beyond that.


For MK I only make a touring plan up through my 3rd FP. I then only account for reservations/shows/parades/etc. in my touring plan. I let my same day FPs guide the rest of my day in the park. I do make full day plans at other parks because of the shows and character meets and the fact there are less attractions offering FP. For a first timer though I don’t think making a full day plan is a bad idea by any means. Just know that you will likely want to be flexible on attractions after your first 3 FPs, especially at MK.


I had made daily plans for our trip last week. I think it helped me to keep in mind what everyone wanted to do. Once we arrived those plans went by the wayside. As we picked up extra fastpasses we sort of went from one ride to another with stops to watch street performers, browse a shop when the mood hit, or meet a character on the spur of the moment. The plans were a good start to the day, but once we were ready for our 4th fastpass they weren’t really necessary. Being able to get multiple fastpasses took a lot of stress off of being sure everyone was able to do what they liked.

Thanks for the feedback. As I mentioned we’re new to this so I’m stressing out a little about it.

Going from the feedback then I think it’s best we just make personalised TP’s and adding in our reserved FP’s. At least that’s a guide. Then if we grab a 4th, 5th then we update in the Park. :+1:

I love this idea for the MK. It’s been eight years since we’ve been so new fantasyland is new to us, as id FP+ and our DD’s are older now so this could be the way to go. Great tip.

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So for MK rides, only add in your reserved FP’s on the TP, then parades, shows, ADR’s?

That’s what I’d recommend. Even with extra FP, there’s always something else that sets us back (extra bathroom breaks, unplanned shopping in a gift shop, an extra snack, etc.) and I find more often than not I’m running “behind” anyways. Also, it’s easier to have extra time at the end of the day to add things in if you’re lucky. If you are anything like me, if you don’t make it to the end of your plan, you’ll feel a bit bummed out.

I always do a personalized TP so I enter the attractions we will be doing up until the end of the 3rd FP. I then just enter any parades, shows, or meals we have planned just to keep track, but I let the subsequent FPs we get guide us on what attractions fill in the gaps between.

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I do the same sort of, I do keep other attractions in my list so that I know what I want to do so I don’t miss anything. But I typically stick to the plan at MK until either after lunch or my last fastpass. Then let FPP guide me.

This is what I would do too. I carefully planned the first 2 hours and what to hit in between FP. Then the afternoon was usually a little looser. In Epcot I left a bunch of time for WS. In HS, I had the option for a couple of shows.

I have never been to WDW (going for my first trip in 3 weeks!), but I am a DLR vet. At DLR MaxPass has been a game changer. I do what several on here have stated, I make the plan (full day), but I will be letting the FP lottery guide me after my initial 3 FPs. Then I will go into my plan on lines and check off what I have done, and optimize based on what we have already done and what we still want to do. At DLR I often get to do far more than the plan suggests I will be able to do. I understand that WDW is a very different animal and I am trying to adjust my expectations accordingly, but I think the plan and optimizing periodically will still result in a successful plan! In my notes for the day, I am also adding a “wishlist” of what I would like to do if more time is available at the end of my plan (ie: ride dumbo again). I just make sure it is not something I would be super bummed to miss, but more like a second ride on a favorite ride or a ride on something the I was on the fence about, but wouldn’t mind checking out (ie: magic carpets).

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I personally find TP useful because I like to have everything planned out ahead of time, rather than "hope"I might get another FP later one. In fact I never book early morning back to back FPs with the intention to try and grab more later. I just make my plans and then grab FPs where it works out well for me, including late at night!

That’s why I like TP.