Does this sound like a workable plan?

For our trip in August, I wasn’t planning on going to a waterpark. My wife gets burned due to flash photography, and I’m not a fan of dealing with crowds while I’m half naked. Then I see these H2O Glow Night events and think maybe this could work. Only issue is I have a 5 year old, and the only night that works for us would be Aug 24th (the last party night) and we have EMM booked at MK the next morning. My thought is since we can get in at 6pm that maybe we would be able to leave early anyway make it work.


I guess you know your child the best, but this sounds ambitious to me. When my daughters were that age a few hours in a water park would exhaust them and would make a very early start the next day very difficult. Can you get there at 5 and stay until the normal closing at 8 - lines are usually small by then and risk of sunburn is nowhere near as great as during* the middle of the day. This would make the early morning start the next day much easier