Does This Make Any Sense to You Guys?

Long time Liner and 11 time visitor to the World. We are renting DVC points at BWV and I decided to get the dining plan. Here is where it gets interesting. The member I am renting from took 2-1/2 weeks to book it. Today I got an email from DVC Rental Store and here is what it said:

Hope this finds you well! I wanted to let you know that the addition of your dining plan is now complete. There are glitches with both the My Disney Experience site; as well as the DVC confirmation site which may prevent DVC Guests from viewing their dining plans online. As long as your reservation is linked to your My Disney Experience account, you will be able to access your dining plan via your MagicBands.

Then they pasted a picture with the members of my party with and Dining Plan listed below it. The picture looks like Disney fonts and style but there is not confirmation #. So I am a little worried. We leave in 5 weeks. Does this sound normal???

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That sounds a little odd, yes.

I would maybe call guest services and ask if they see the dining plan associated with your reservation


I seem to remember an old glitch when I added it for my son years ago. I have not read on any DVC pages anything about it still being an issue. You definitely should see your plan on check in.