Does this look right?

I just rented points at WL for 12/30- 1/1. WOOP! Anyway I went to make some ADRs at the California Grill and I get this screen. It seems a little high for dinner wouldn’t you say?

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It’s New Years Eve, so I assume they want to make absolutely sure there’s no cancellation. But even so, for 2 people, that’s insanity. What on earth shows up when you click “View Details”?

400 and change per person! May have to just hit CS. :smile: Does this seem wrong? Should I call?

Wow! That’s insane, even for New Year’s Eve!

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Is there some kind of insanely special event that happens on NYE at CA Grill? I haven’t heard of one before…

It is a special meal, only one seating time, but wow that’s expensive. Maybe that’s why they still have availability.

Yeah…Wine pairing at V&A chef’s table looks better…

Me either.



Dine in on New Year’s Eve

Count down the last remaining minutes of 2014 during an unforgettable meal at Walt Disney World Resort!

As the year comes to its close, take the opportunity to treat someone special in your life to a tasty finale—enjoy a memorable experience at more than 10 diverse dining locations, each setting the table with something extra special for New Year’s Eve.

Welcome 2015 in just the right way, not only with open arms, but a satisfied palate too. Book an online reservation today!

Availability is limited. Dining events are subject to change or cancellation without notice.[/quote]

Wow. Just…wow.

Hmmm…welp so much for that idea. My plan was to eat there then try to snag a spot for the dessert party at MK. I figured that even if I couldn’t get a spot for the insulin overload firework spectacular, or not be able to get into the park at all I would be able to go back to the California grill later to see the fireworks. I see from the website that the 30th and 31st is unavailable for the dessert party. Anyone know if that’s because it’s sold out or is WDW not having it?

Desert parties usually only go on sale about 60 days out, I think

Now they’re available at 180. At least my dates next Jan were available last month.

They definitely release at 180 days now. And usually sell out within a day or two. You’d have to catch a cancellation.

Dang. Just call the dining rezzie number every day?

Funny though, a date I was looking at in Jan stayed open for more than two weeks. I kept checking while I was trying to convince my DH that we should go. He doesn’t want to, so I quit checking. I was surprised that it stayed open that long.

You don’t have to call. You can check on the website. I don’t think you can book it through the MDE app though. You may have better luck getting the illuminations party though as that one doesn’t sell out as quickly. It also comes with champagne.

@scrapper1617 I think it’s a lot about crowd levels too. Jan is typically lower. My date on 12/2 which is also an MVMCP night actually stayed open for awhile but non party dates were selling out the day they were released.


I just checked Jan 9th and it’s still available. Argh!! My DH doesn’t think it’s worth it. He doesn’t like dessert, except for ice cream. Maybe DD19 and I should go without him. I think you’re right about the crowds. Nobody running the half marathon on Sat is going to go to the dessert party the night before.


Well it’s our first trip in 10 years so I kind of went all out lol.

I hope you enjoy it! It’s definitely on my bucket list. I didn’t push it with my husband because he gives in on a lot of other Disney stuff (he’s not really a fan). DD19 and I may do a trip together someday, so maybe we’ll go then.

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