Does the 10 Day Grace Period apply to dining reservations as well as FastPass+?

Can’t seem to find the answer to this.
I’m assuming it must or do I have to ring daily? Presumably if I schedule the tough calls (eg BOG) towards the end of our stay this gets me ahead of the curve?

Are you staying onsite? If so, ADR’s can be made from 180 days out for length of stay.

Yes staying on sight.

Yes, then you can get all your reservations at 180 days from your first day of stay. Yes, it is also easier to get BOG and other harder to get ADRs on your last days since people staying off site are not able to book those days. (Or people like me that are waiting for discounts to book)

Thank-you thats exactly wanted I wanted to know.

Anyone can book a meal 180 days out. If you stay on site then you can book 180+10 for all days of your reservation. If you are offsite you will have to book daily.

Fpp is similar if you are on site then you can book at 60+10, if you are offsite you book at 30 days out, and you have to book daily.