Does room finder really work

I checked the room I stayed in at All Star Sports and the room numbers are all messed up. We were in rooms 250 and 249 and according to room finder they are on the other wing. Also we had a king bed and a roll in shower. According to room finder only building 1 has roll in showers and we were in building 10. I know they can move beds easy enough and our king might now be 2 doubles but you can’t change a regular bathroom into a roll in over night. I am planing a silver anniversary trip in 5 years but I started to look at room at the other All Stars and All Star Movies does not have pictures of some room views and the one building all the rooms had the same picture.

Has Anyone gotten the exact room they requested this year? I’m just wondering if they need to redo this feature.

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I was 2 doors down from my specifically requested room - though it was in the range in the primary fax line.

While yes, some things need to be updated (connecting rooms, bed size, accessibility, etc.), that has nothing to do with if people get their request or not. Regardless of how requests are made, they are ONLY requests - especially when you’re talking about a specific room number.

The resorts are not cruise ships where everyone is coming and going on the same day. The assigners are playing a huge game of real-life Tetris and trying to keep the least number of rooms vacant at any given time - and the odds of one specific room being available on your check-in day are pretty small since it would mean someone checking out that morning or possibly, VERY possibly the day before.

We were in the exact room number that we requested last August in Riverside. We have a room request for this week at French Quarter. This one is for two rooms, so I’m curious to see how close we get.

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Well speaking from my standpoint, according to the room finder only 4 room at All Star Sports met my reservation. I understand not getting the exact room but I was put into a different building on the other side of the resort. Which according to the room finder does not exist. Now for our next trip I’m looking at All Star Movies standard view rooms with king bed and roll in shower all are around the mighty ducks pool which is fine by me but I don’t want to be put some place else that I’m not aware of.

I usually just put details of the room I would like instead of actual room numbers. For example ‘on an upper floor and close to the lobby’. For AKL, I wanted bunk beds for the kids, so that was my only request. If a king bed was my biggest preference, I would put that. And except for the occasional upgrade (which I will always take!), I have gotten my request.

Exact room last August, 2 doors down the year before, both at POFQ. I have another request in for this August so we’ll see.

I got my exact room I requested in May, but I was in the Contemporary.