Does purchasing Subscription make any sense?

I’ve used touringplans many times…just wondering if it makes any sense to purchase before my July 19-23 trip…seems like such a fluid situation that its prolly not gonna help much. Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas

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Welcome to the forum! Although this forum is available without a paid subscription I am confident that Touring plans will continue to offer tools such as the room request and dining finder, as well as menus.

Whatever you decide, we are here to help as well!


I totally get it. I love TP and use it not only as a tool for trips I am about to take, but as entertainment. I plan trips for dates I have no intention of travelling. (I then follow along on the Lines App and MDE App to see how well my “fake” plan worked.) This has made my actual plans WAY better. I’ve got a better understanding of how the system works and where it sometimes doesn’t.

All that being said… if I was interested in using it exclusively for just this one trip in July and not again for more than another year, this time I would pass. There just won’t be enough data for this unique trip you are planning for any plan to be accurate. Finally, I’m going to say this will be true for any trip planning tool for the next few months whether that’s TP or someone else.

Have fun & stay safe!


It’s really hard to know what TP will be able to offer in the the crazy unknown future. But everything TP offers right now is awesome, and even though my trip had to be cancelled and I have no idea when I’ll be able to actually go, I decided that $16 was a small amount to pay to support a company that has provided me so much comfort and entertainment since I started planning a trip to Disney World.


Absolutely agree.


IMO, it’s a small price for such great info. I know we’re all economizing, but I’ll continue to support and hope to get back to something normal.

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Touring Plans offers so much, some of it under the subscription and some of it for free on their blog, website, and here on the forum. I consider my subscription a donation to support this wonderful service, regardless of whether I have a trip coming up!

But to answer your question, the next little while is unconventional to say the least. I’m not sure anyone will really be able to help you plan for what you will experience!