Does Pop share buses / DME with other resorts?


Just thinking about what DME and park busses are going to be like during my stay at Pop. Lots of stops at other resorts first?


It has its own park buses or you can use the AoA one. For DME, like any other resort it depends where people are staying but I’d guess you could expect a couple of stops.


We are at POP now and haven’t waited more than 5 minutes for a bus yet on a CL7 and CL8. We haven’t made any extra stops either. All direct.


Pretty sure no resort has its own DME bus as a rule…


I’ve always had really good experiences with POP buses; they are not shared. DME is an entirely different thing and almost always delivers guests to various different resorts.


This has been very useful — thank you everyone.


2017 and 2018 trips DME stopped at AoA first and then Pop.


I “feared” that might be the case. But good to know that the resort busses don’t do that.


For park buses the AoA and Pop stations are usually next to each other. We would sometimes grab the AoA bus if it was there.


Actually my worst Disney bus experience involved all deluxe resorts. I had to bet back to the Poly from the Boardwalk “after hours”. After waiting 25 minutes for a bus to DS (it was still DTD then), we stopped at the Beach Club on the way. I transferred to the Poly bus, but had to go to the CR first. It took me 90 minutes from the time I got to the BW bus stop until I got off at the Poly. I stopped at the Tambu for a Long Island Iced Tea for my stroll back up to Shades of Green. That was the last time I have used Disney buses for resort-to-resort transportation…


We’ve found that the buses are much better at Pop than at Poly. When we stayed at Poly the transportation to MK and Epcot (boat and monorail) was fabulous but there were so few buses available to HS and AK, and they were often shared with Grand Floridian. Way more frequent buses at Pop.