Does phone number matter?

Is WDW picky about who you call for help? I need to call on Weds to add tickets but the link they provide for Guest Services is to the generic GS page. So is that reservations x1936 (to modify DVC room [third party rental] to a package that includes tickets), new tickets x7679 (to just buy tickets), or general assistance with reservations and tickets x5277? I was going to call today just to confirm when I can buy tickets- I don’t fit neatly into one of their categories- but with all lines busy, I want to make sure I’m redialing the correct number!

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This is an excellent question and I’m interested in knowing.

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I’m pretty sure that ultimately it doesn’t matter which number you dial. Some numbers might be “more efficient” than others…but typically call centers like this share the same workers so that if one area is overloaded, and another has free calling capacity, they will route calls internally accordingly so that you get to someone.

What might happen is that you get a Cast Member who ultimately still needs to transfer you…but I don’t think they will ever have you hang up and call a different number.

There might be some exceptions to this, such as DVC…but even then, I suspect it is still the same pool of cast members, but that the phone number places you in priority over others in such a case.

Having said ALL that, I don’t know this with certainty. This is based on what I know about call centers in general.

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Thank you for the insight!

Great question! Also when is the earliest to call? Would love to knock it out before I have to work

I believe it’s 7am EST. Based on comments I’ve seen in this forum I think the phone lines will likely be pretty jammed, I’m not sure how long it will take to get through. :unamused:

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Jammed is right.
Currently I aspire to be put on hold.

OK just got an automated announcement that call centre opens at 8 EST for adding tickets to resort packages.

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Sorry for the bad info. They have 7am-11pm on the website for their general call line but then I’ve never had to worry about being the first one to call in before.

Turns out I’m not even eligible for today’s fun (2021 res only) so no calling for me today

Are you sure no fun for you today?

From the Disney website:
If you have a room-only reservation at a Disney Resort or other select hotel for a stay in 2021, please call the Disney Reservation Center or call your travel professional beginning on June 24 to upgrade to a vacation package with tickets—and then make your theme park reservations.

I think @HutchFamily has reservations in 2020, not 2021? Maybe?

Ahh my bad.
I thought the (2021 res only) was referring to the Hutch Family status.
Re-reading it now, you’re right: it probably speaks to which mob gets to crash the system today.

I’ve got a 2020 res. I originally thought I was included in today’s fun but have been informed by a CM on chat that there is no known date yet for me to get tickets. Sigh.

But you have fun with the phone lines today :grinning:


Have been dialing for 2 hours now. I have gotten excited a couple of times until I heard, All circuits are busy, please try your call again later. Why did I get up at 3:30 a.m. Pacific time for this?

Thank you for letting us know. It’s awful but I appreciate knowing it’s no fun for me today either with 2020 october res through 3rd party DVC. Pretty much identical to your situation so no reason to call :grimacing::roll_eyes:

are you trying for 2020 or 2021 tix? Good luck either way and may your hold times be short!

Thanks. So far I haven’t got further than an automated message.
Guess as long as I get through before… (checks watch)… June 26th then I come out ahead.

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