Does my whole family need a FP+ for a character meet & greet?

We’re heading to WDW the 2nd week of April and since it’s my DS5s 1st trip he’d like to meet Mikey right off the bat. We won’t be arriving at MK until early afternoon on the 6th so I thought we could meet Mickey at the Town Square Theater upon arrival.

Now with that out of the way I have a FP+ question. Does the person who reserved the FP+ necessarily need to be the person who uses it? If only my son wishes to go up and meet Mickey do my wife and I need FP+ reservations to go up and take his photo? Since my wife is pregnant and won’t be riding Space Mountain with us can I set up one of her FP+ reservations and have DS5 use it for the meet and greet?

I’m sure this has likely been addresses before but I did a quick search and found nothing.


Any person that enters the FP queue will need their own FP to be allowed in. Children must be 7 or older to enter any line or ride alone. Using someone else’s magic band for fp usage is technically not allowed, however, most liners report they’ve had no issue doing this. Just understand going in that it’s possible they could deny it.

The characters that have FP like Mickey or Tinkerbell are not outside. You have to go through a line first and then they let people in one or two families at a time to meet them and get a photo. The FP check-in station is at the beginning of that line.

yes everyone entering the fpp queue be it just to take photos needs a fpp This is something some parents don’t realise especially at the Frozen meet and greet. If your son loves characters the meet and greets at the back of fantasyland are good also as you get 2 characters for 1 queue at storybrook circus they are Minnie Donald Goofy and Daisy 2 each side. Character spot at Epcot has a few characters also. If your budget allows it a character meal can be a good way to meet them also. Hope you enjoy your trip Mx

Thanks to you both. We have a breakfast scheduled for our last day at Cape May Cafe (our dining options were pretty limited since we just booked about 3 weeks ago). I kind of figured that it wouldn’t be possible but I had to ask. He’s not necessarily determined to meet every character but he does want to see Mickey 1st.

Any best recommendations on how to use her “extra” FP+ since like I said she won’t be able to come along on some of the rides? The Space Mountain FP is just the 1st of several that she won’t be able to use over the course of our time in the parks.

Thanks again.

You can actually change her FPP’s to something different during the same time period (or thereabouts), if she would like to do something solo while you guys go on some of the other rides.

As you can swap bands think about booking fpp in pairs of 2 but over the 3 bands. ie
band 1 rides A B C
band 2 rides A B D
band 3 rides A C D

This allows all of you to ride A then only you and your son ride B C and D It will take a bit if time on MDE to get it lined up but will work. Remember times for the rides don’t need to be the exact same to ride together If one is 12-1 and one 12.30- 1.30 you can go between 12.30 -1 and ride together. Hope this makes sense.

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