Does my room fax make sense to you?

This is what I have written in my fax narrative. Does this request make sense to you? Is there anything you would reword or omit?

Bldg 1950s,Flr 1,SW-facing room. Examples: 3160, 3159, 3158, 3157,3156,3155

We would like a room in building 3 (1950s) lower floor room that is facing the courtyard between building 3 and building 4. Proximity to the lobby and bus transportation is key. We would prefer to be in one of the rooms between 3155 and 3160 if at all possible. Thank you for considering our requests. We look forward to staying onsite very soon at Pop Century.

Overall seems good - my only thought may be prioritizing the SW facing vs. floor 1 as which way to go if one of your optimal rooms isn’t available. That way they know whether to keep your facing or floor first if they have to compromise.

Makes sense to me. Good luck getting what you want!!!