Does Max Pass eliminate the need for a Fast Pass Runner in the Disneyland Touring Plans?

I am working on my plan for a May trip to Disneyland and I am confused about the Fast Pass Runner option. I purchased the Max Pass with my tickets. Am I correct in assuming that anywhere in the plan where it states the Fast Pass Runner information, I can utilize Max Pass on the app as well? If so, is there an advantage to using one option over the other? Is anyone else using another method to indicate Fast Pass information without Fast Pass Runner enabled?

The Max Pass does eliminate the need for a runner. It is wonderful. As soon as we use our FP, we schedule our next one while standing in line for the ride.

I would just delete that part of the plan.


MaxPass is the best Disney money I’ve spent in a long time. You don’t need a FP runner and you can get a new FP the minute you cross the scanner for the previous one (or after 90 minutes). Hope you love it as much as we do!


If you’ve copied a standard plan or are working with a Personalized Plan from scratch, you should be able to see 2 drop-down selection near the top of the plan for you to select Yes/No for using a runner and also for using MaxPass. Depending on how you select those dropdowns the plan will word appropriately and also give you a sense of when the next FastPasses should be selected. But yes, select No for Runner & Yes for MaxPass for having a MaxPass.

Just note that the data for FastPasses in Touringplans on the Disneyland side doesn’t get enough input to make accurate predictions so usually your actual day deviates from your after an hour or two. That being said, with MaxPass you’ll almost always do more FastPasses & faster than it anticipates.