Does Kilimanjaro safaris offer Fast Pass+? says Kilimanjaro Safaris offers fast pass, but the Walt Disney World official site does not show it as offering them. I am not able to reserve fast passes yet so I can’t see if it’s an option. Which is correct?

yes. it usually does have FPP

check the refurbishments to see if the attraction may be down too. Otherwise, it should appear once you are able to make your FPP’s

We have fastpasses for Kilimanjaro Safari on November 10th, so they do offer them. It showed up on the fastpass choices when our window opened up at 60 days out. Hopefully they will show up when you are ready to make your fastpass reservations.

That is a definite yes, but KS close at dusk, so also check the time you’re trying to FPP for @taraorr. Enjoy the ride!

Definately a FPP attraction; I have them for Nov 21st…