Does Genie Plus need to be purchased for all days on multi-day ticket?

may/june boardwalk trip. Looking at 7-8 day park tickets. Do discounted undercover tourist tickets allow you to buy genie plus for just a few select days or do you have to get genie plus for everyday of your multiday ticket?

To my knowledge no platform allows you anything but an all or nothing selection for advance purchase.

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Also, if you don’t buy it at ticket purchase you have to wait until day of to purchase?



So it is possible to buy genie plus for select days only, but you have to wait the day of for each day to buy it?

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Yes exactly.


Also, I believe you can do this as “early” as midnight the next day.

I’d definitely get up a good 30+ minutes early if I was going to wait until the morning of the visit. This way I’m not fussing w/ the purchase & possible IT issues when the LL selection window opens.

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