Does FPP window match your room ressie or your # of tix days?

I know this overlaps some other posts, but haven’t been since FPP started and, frankly, my head is spinning with everything I need to learn about booking FPP!!! I used to feel like an expert paper fastpasser but now I feel so in the dark with this new system!!! Here’s my dilemma: have room-only ressie so far… and I know I need tix to have access to making advance FPP ressies… But this is a work trip and we are not sure how many days we will get in the park… was planning on booking min of 2 day tix (for the weekend), then adding more tix days on-site if we got to start hitting the parks earlier than planned or get to stay an extra day… So will a 1 or 2 day ticket give me equal access to the 60 day FPP window? And what days will I be able to make FPP reservation on… any day of our trip? Will it let me grab FPP for any of the days of our room reservation or only the # of days of our ticket purchase??? (Want to have access and grab some good FPP options 60 days out, but don’t want to overcommit to more tix days than I know for sure!) Help!!!

It’s tied to the number of park days on your ticket. It’s just the booking window that’s tied to the room. So if you have a 2-day park ticket and a 5-night stay on property, you can book FP on any 2 days, starting on the date that is 60 days before you check in.

Ok, so it makes better sense to buy the 2-day tix now and book FPP for the 2 days we know we will definitely be in parks?

Yes. I think so.

I think Disney has things set up this way because they want us to commit to spending days in their parks. They want to know how many people are planning to be in MK on a particular Tuesday or in Epcot on a particular Friday. It’s all very mercenary. :slight_smile:

If you know you want to book the hard-to-get FPs, then buying tickets in advance is the only way to get them at 60 days. If you prefer to do the attractions that don’t often need FP - for example, if you like to wander World Showcase at Epcot or don’t like headliner roller coasters at MK - then you’d be fine adding days later. Just know that FP availability for those headliners will be limited later.

Yes. Get the tickets before the 60 day window and make at least your 2 days of FPPs. If you want A&E or 7DMT, try to get them near the end of your stay (there may not be any left on the first day of your stay).

I hope this makes sense: I have a resort reservation from 11/15-11/24 (10 days). I have 7 day passes and MVMCP tickets linked to MDE. Last night, I was able to book FPP for the entire length of our stay, through the 24th. I booked 8 days worth of FPP because I managed to book a few between 4pm and 7pm the day of the party. So, my party tickets allowed me another day of FPP. However, to test this, I just tried to book FPP for the 24th and I was not able to. I had exceeded my FPP limit.

Yes, these scenarios all make sense… I am finally starting to wrap my head around this! Thank you so much!!! This new system is making me crazy and I don’t want to make a misstep! Wish I could practice making FPP’s ahead of time! Ha! Thank goodness for liners! :smile: