Does Disneyland have the same 119 minute grace period on lightning lanes like Disney world does?

Or will they actually turn you away if you’re more than 15 minutes late to the lightning lane?


In disney world you have a big grace period and in my experience they will wave you through even if you’re hours late.

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No, Disneyland Resort sticks with the 15 minute grace period. Don’t be late!


Depending on the day/hour (i.e. if the attraction hasn’t been in high demand and hasn’t had a downtime to backlog the LL), they may let you in a few minutes beyond that 15 min. but it’s very dependent on the CM at the LL entrance. It very much bolsters your cause to have a specific issue (i.e. you had a meal that ran long or stuck on a another ride that was down waiting to be evacuated) and proof of you being at the restaurant or ride (time-stamped receipt, etc.).