Does Disneyland Close to Resort Guests When Crowd Levels Are A 10?

Does Disneyland ever close the parks to resort guests entering later in the day if crowd levels are at a 10? We are novices to Disneyland and are arriving Jan. 3rd leaving Jan. 6th. Our original plan was to spend Jan. 3rd exploring Downtown Disney after arriving in the morning. Now we are thinking about going into Disneyland later in the day to soak up the magic and ride any rides we can during parades, fireworks and shows as the difference in the 3 and 4 day Park hopper ticket is only $24.

Absolutely. The parks can and do reach compacity. Think you can google which parks closed and on which days last year and use that as a rough guide for this year. Lower your expectations (if they aren't low) for a level 10.