Does Disney release more FP

I already booked my FP at 60 days and am approaching 30 days soon—-does Disney release more fast passes at the 30 day mark for those who are staying off property???

I wasn’t able to to slinky dog and I was hoping to get earlier FP time for FOP. And we have friends staying off property that I wonder if they will be able to get FP times with us…

Some people think they do, nobody really knows for sure. Occasionally they dump loads more after 60 days but it’s not specifically at 30 days - recently a lot dropped for all of July for instance.

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They do release more
but it’s not at any predictable time.

Just got a notice from TP that AK hours have been extended for our day (8/17). I suspect this was the reason for the FOP FPP dumb a couple weeks ago.

I hope that isn’t the case however, as I’m still hoping to land a SDD FPP for our DHS day, and those hours, of course, will remain static through our trip.

I don’t know if they specifically release more, but we managed to get FPPs for SDD at day 35 and FOP at day 33 or 32. So just keep checking–that’s what I did and it worked.

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your friends that are staying off property, are they on your “Friend and Family” list

If so, you could have booked FPP for them as well. As long as you are all going on the ride at the same time.
I just finished booking 30 FPP for both ourselves (staying at POP) and my son family (staying off site)

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All done at 60 + 10 days out.

I had asked disney if it could book at 60 days if they were part of my friends and family; they told me I couldn’t

The dumped a lot of FOP FPs into the system for May/June on May 15th. They dumped FOP FPs into the system on June 29 for July/August (I was able to get one for my 60+2 day, which had no availability when I was at 60 days out).

They must be mistaken. I just finished booking both of our FPP. And they all show up on My Reservation Page

Many of the CMs have no clue. Many of them will never have visited WDW.

You’ll get more reliable answers here and on other sites. Sad but true.

If you link your friends to your MDE account by inviting them, then you “umbrella” them in. You can then include them in your group for booking FPs. As long as one person in the group is staying onsite then you can book for your friends.

As to your original question. AK have extended hours for a few nights in August. There will be more FoP fastpasses released in the next few days.


@Nicky_S, but the exception is with packages, right?

If you have a package it affects when your window will open. Regardless of any extra pre-package stays etc, your window will usually open 60days ahead.

It shouldn’t impact the ability to umbrella in friends and family staying offsite. So when your window opens, you should still be able to book for them.

Now if your friends are also staying onsite also on a package and are arriving a few days after you, that’s when the fun and games start! But not in @Ac46’s situation because his/her friends are staying offsite and therefore don’t have a package.


my wife and I are on the free dinning package, My son is off site with park tickets only. I was still able to book all the FPPs for us and my sons family.

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It’s if the other people have a package that you can’t do it. If your son had been staying onsite with a package and arriving 2 days after you, you couldn’t have made FP for him at your 60 days, you’d have had to wait for his 60 days.

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In short, the package can be the umbrella, but it can’t be umbrella’d.