Does Butterbeer contain alcohol?

Does Butterbeer contain alcohol?

I don’t mean “will it get you drunk?” Or “Is it classified as non-alcoholic?”

I mean does it contain ANY alcohol?

The Butterbeer sold in WWoHP contains no alcohol at all.


Alcohol free, though I highly encourage you to spike it. Rum and fireball whiskey go extremely well with butterbeer. You can smuggle your booze in past security with these…


…unfortunately. :rofl:

It would be great to have an option, like you can get Dole Whips with kickers.

Isn’t there an alcoholic butterbeer option? I thought there was but I wasn’t looking for it so maybe I’m wrong. BTW I really wanted to try Dole Whip and had read that they have it at the pool bar at AOA where I was staying. I asked and they did have the Dole Whip…but only with rum in it! I wanted to try that but since it was the night I had to pack for the train I decided not to risk it. Now I wish I had.

Sadly, no. There is no alcoholic butterbeer option at Universal. And they get so neurotic about keeping it proper, that if you go to the Hogshead and order a butterbeer and alcohol and attempt to mix the two at the bar, it is said that they will actively stop you. You apparently have to walk outside or away from prying eyes in order to do so. Someday I would really like to try that Dole Whip with the rum in it.

Ironically, in the books, butterbeer does have alcohol. At least it is strongly implied, though not stated explicitly probably for the American audiences.

That’s probably the iron fist of JK Rowling. Nothing happens at WWOHP without her say-so.

Yes, I have heard that’s exactly it. Honestly, I have no problem with her keeping a tight leash on the franchise; I just find it comical sometimes.