Does Beach Club and Yacht Club Share Magic Kingdom Bus Service?

Good afternoon, we are debating staying at the Beach Club for our next Disney stay (you may have seen earlier posts from me on this), and I was wondering if the Yacht Club and Beach Club share bus service to the Magic Kingdom. I have read some older posts and articles that said in the past buses stopped at Yacht Club and then stopped at Beach Club which at times led to the bus being full by the time it got to the Beach Club. I have also seen other articles like the one linked below that says the two resorts do NOT share buses. Anyone have recent experience with this?…-bus-yacht-club-magic-kingdom-morning-463409/

When we last stayed there it varied depending on time of day. Busy times each got their own bus. Less busy times, they shared. It was never a problem for us…

Not sure what the most recent protocol is though - hopefully someone has some very recent experience for you.

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Same for me when I stayed there last year - it varied by time of day.

Same - during busy times, buses were not shared. We had a 6 night stay at BC and never actually shared a bus with YC, even leaving Animal Kingdom a few hours before park close.

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When we were there earlier this month, we only saw the shared bus.
Once we boarded a bus at AK that was shared with YC, BC and BW.

I NEVER had to share with BW. That’s ridiculous.

They often share a bus from Disney Springs.


We were there the first week in May, and we only used the bus between BC and MK. We did not share in the mornings going to the park, but did share in the afternoon going back to the hotel, stopping at YC first and then BC. But it was no big deal, and in fact we once got off at YC because walking back on our own seemed faster.

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We stayed at BW last week. In the afternoons, when returning from the parks, the buses seemed to always be shared with YC and BC. On the way to the parks, and during busy times, we had our own buses.

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Disney is still experiencing a severe shortage of drivers, which is what is contributing to the terrible bus wait times.

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I agree with most of what is posted about buses by everyone else. I will just add that the bus situation is as good as anywhere else on property at B & Y. Don’t let the bus situation deter you from staying there. The resort is FANTASTIC.

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I should add that the one time when we shared the bus service with the three resorts, there was possibly 12-15 people on board. And it only added a few minutes to our time to arrive at BW.

So, clearly sharing the service at that time was a smart move on Disney’s part.

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In April we shared every time. If the bus wasn’t so full from YC that we couldn’t get on we definitely had to stand. We started walking to YC to be sure we had a seat. While I liked the resort I won’t stay there again without a car. I’d pick YC or BW instead.