Does anything work at Disneyland?

First trip to Disneyland since 2015. Thus far … we have done 1 ride successfully. Twice rides have went down while we are in line :crazy_face: So many rides down it’s ridiculous. Makes every line exponentially longer too due to some heavy hitters closed for Refurb (Haunted, Splash)…, or just down (Matterhorn) Next week it’s back to WDW.


Oh no! Is there bad weather? These down rides at both resorts seem to be increasing in frequency. WTH is Disney doing with our park ticket money? I expect it to be used to upkeep the parks.

No bad weather. Today Matterhorn, Indy, Space, IASW…all currently down. :crazy_face:

Matterhorn and Indy are known for going down regularly. We always end up adjusting around those rides. Having Space Mtn and Small World down though in addition is a bit much.

The parks and experiences division is the only one really making $ so Disney uses our parks money to offset the losses for Walt Disney Studios and Disney+ :rage: Really makes me mad. The parks are just the cash cow to buoy up their failing entertainment divisions. That’s why the parks aren’t being maintained despite record profits (because of the greatly increased $/guest–increased entry fees & food prices and G+).

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I was there this same day (last Friday) — sorry I missed you! It was really embarrassing how many rides were down that morning. Sometimes I wonder if Disney even cares. As long as there are enough rides to soak people up, they aren’t in a particular hurry to get rides up in the morning (or afternoon …)

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I remember a similar experience when we visited amusement parks last summer. Despite the rides being down, we found joy in exploring other attractions and indulging in park treats. It’s all part of the adventure, right?

Hopefully, your next trip to WDW will be smoother sailing. Sometimes these hiccups make for the best stories later on.