Does anyone know if fp4me still works?

Last night I entered the option for MMRR (so the fact that it was an option makes me hope that the site still works)… it checked the first time and said it would check again in 15 minutes but when I went back hours later it still showed that it had only checked one time.

Any info is appreciated!!

The guy who set it up said it was closing last Sept because it was going to start costing him money. I do still see people joining the wait list, I don’t know if they get off it but I never did, I signed up last April. I wouldn’t set my hopes on it.

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I was afraid it was no longer working. Strange that MFSR and MMRR are listed if he isn’t updating it but maybe it’s automatically tied to Disney’s system. I haven’t used it in a while, but it was great when I needed it. Thank you for the information!

Well it can’t do any harm to put the request in, hopefully it will work. I’d be checking myself anyway.

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So I actually messaged them to add MFSR and MMRR. They emailed back super promptly and said yes they would (so that is why they are there). They didn’t give me any indication that it wasn’t working. I have some 7D alerts set and they seem to be working. Maybe shoot them an email?

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I am using it now. Signed up Fen 2019 for our Easter trip. I get email notifications and have succeeded in getting a better MFSR and FOP time for my Easter trip next month. I currently have one set up to check for extended hours.

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Does it show how many “checks” it has done for you… I created a new search yesterday and it just shows one check


Thank you!!

It’s broken right now for sure. I messaged them and made sure they were aware. I don’t think it was shut down.

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Thank you. I was worried it was. I hope that doesn’t mean the end of fp4me is near!

I hope so too! I used it about a month ago and it was working. I also used it in November (‘19). I would pay for it, so I hope he doesn’t shut it down!

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Hmmm. I’ve gotten plenty of notifications recently but on my newest search-I think I made it March 4 or 5, I can see there is only 1 check.

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Since I last wrote, there are now 25 checks.

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I guess they are only accepting wait list applications. Bummer.

I think I added my info to the wait list a year ago and never heard anything. Has anyone else had better luck recently?

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Apparently he’s not accepting new requests. I know people had heard he was thinking of taking the site down eventually

I sent him a message and he fixed it for me!!! And within 6 hours I got the MMRR FPP I was looking for!!