Dockside Vs Surfside

Are these essentially identical?
If not, what sets one apart from the other?

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Here’s a TP blog from last summer:


That’s tremendously helpful. Thanks @mkmuzzy :+1:t2:


I may not know much about Universal (I mainly do WDW), but I enjoy hunting for answers! I think it’s great TP had just the right blog.


thanks for reading the blog. I got lots of questions about this in months leading up to writing this blog.


Howdy Jon, thanks for writing UOR blogs!

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Yes, thank you @bahasa99. TP blogs are so helpful.

(Although I did end up booking Cabana Bay, but the article still helped :wink::rofl::rofl:).

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You are welcome… I am an Aventura person myself. I think when I was still writing for TP, I did an article about deciding between value plus or value level hotels on-site.


I’ll be staying there next week in a skyline view room. I’d love to hear anything positive you have to say about the hotel as the Brickers didn’t seem keen.

i have written a lot about this but did you see this TP blog i worote back when doing contract writing for TP? Value or Value Plus for You at Universal Orlando Resort – Blog
I prefer the ease of getting around, shortest Starbucks queue on-site, Urban pantry offers more non-traditional food court options, ability to walk next door to sapphire falls, and rooftop bar are a few things that come to mind. Now, in fairness, as I have said in other formats, my kid is college age now so the major theming like a cabana bay and even the endless summer resorts no longer appeal to me. I would not stay at Aventura with a group of children with Cabana Bay as a better option.


Another great article!

I did not know that about the freestyle cups! So glad we chose Cabana Bay :partying_face:

What are the UK based podcasts that you referred to @bahasa99?

Thanks, I appreciate the positive feedback. The freestyle cup policy at endless summer has changed since that article was written but still the system is a bit inconsistent at endless summer resorts compared to value plus resorts. In fairness, that article was probably written 600 different theme park articles ago for me so do not remember which one. However, out of respect to this site (that compensated me for my work for them) and the incredible podcast that @len does with Jim Hill, I prefer not to list other podcasts in this format. Now if you want to follow me twitter @pastorjonself then I can try to find those UK based podcasts.


I really like the pillows (specific I know but my huge fat head either finds pillows too thin and not supportive, but not enough that I can stack two up comfortably) and enjoy the iPad controlled rooms. The bathrooms basic but nice too (I like showers vs tub showers). Also easy to get around, Bar 17 is great, and you can quickly walk to Strong Water Tavern.