Dockside vs Aventura

Ok booked our trip for HHN ! Now to decide where to stay. I can stay at Aventura or the family suite at Dockside for about the same price with AP discount .Just me and my 19 yr old son for this trip. Would be nice to have my own bedroom. I know Dockside is big, has anyone has success requesting a room closer to the lobby? Or any other concerns i should consider?

All reports I’ve heard from ES (haven’t been myself) are that it’s not well insulated for noise.

Also consider that you can walk to the parks from Aventura, but will need to use the shuttle buses from ES. I’ve also only heard good things about the buses though :+1:t2:

Hope you have a great trip :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:


I would pick Surfside over Dockside, just due to size. Can’t speak to Aventura. But the rooms are definitely loud at Dockside.

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If it was me, I’d pick Adventura. It’s a much smaller resort and even if you are at the end of the hall you will have minimal walking. You can also take the boat from Sapphire and use their pool which is amazing. Sapphire is just steps away. And as others have said, you will find it much quieter.


I also travel with my adult child of the opposite gender. I know everyone is saying Aventura is better. (It many ways it is)

However, being able to go to your room and close a door to separate yourself from your travel companion (especially a kid) is so helpful. (In many ways that will make both of you less awkward. )

I’m not sure how you got the impression that Dockside is “big”??

IME it’s a standard hotel “Holiday Inn” campus. It is a lobby with two towers and a pool.

I stay at Dockside regularly. The drawback is the laminate floors make it so you hear every footstep in the halls and above you. It’s pretty bad, but not unbearable.

I have started staying at Aventura more often due to this as I am a light sleeper.

Aventura is a hotel that doesn’t have a conference center, so businesses don’t stay there. There’s not much for families or children either. This is why it’s the, IMHO, least popular hotel. However, for me, that makes it ideal. It’s a single tower - basically - and not “crazy” busy.

I’m staying at Aventura in September because I found a $119 rate.

I’m staying at Dockside in December because I got an $80 rate.

I can’t pass up an on-site hotel for under $100 per night including taxes even if its a bit noisy.


I have never been to a Holiday Inn even half the size of Dockside!

If I had to stay at a UOR value, I would definitely choose Surfside, as I mentioned, over Dockside. Same rooms, much smaller hotel.


I used to travel for business so my experience may be different. When I worked Group Sales for Six Flags we has a partnership with IHG (Holiday Inn) I have stayed in a good number across TN, MS, AR, KY, GA, MO.

At least all the rooms are interior doors at Dockside!! Not true at Holiday Inn! :rofl:

Of course my perspective could also be different as I’ve been to all the UOR hotels. I am comparing these to each other. The Endless Summer Resorts are almost the smallest. (Aventura is the smallest! )

In my mind CBBR is a “big” resort / campus. (It’s all opinion as I am not using actual designs or construction drawings! :rofl:)


I prefer Aventura’s rooms, of course, but having two rooms is really nice at Dockside. If y’all like to pool it up a lot, do Dockside, if not do Aventura.


Decided on Aventura this time around. We are really just looking for a cheapish hotel, easy access to parks and somewhere to pass out each night after HHN! Aventura was actually cheaper than dockside for our early Sept dates. Thanks everyone for the input!


I would have preferred surfside for that reason but it was the more expensive than both aventura and dockside for out date.

Interesting! I’ve never seen Dockside and Surfside have differing prices! But staying in Aventura seems like a good choice!


IDK why, but Dockside is often like $5 - $10 cheaper - even though it’s the newer of the two resorts… :man_shrugging:

I am pleasantly shocked that there was a rate for Aventura that was less than eihter Endless Summer Resort! That’s a great deal!!!


You can take the sapphire falls boat to the parks too

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Me too! its not the cheapest I’ve ever seen but for Labour Day weekend, I am not complaining.


BTW - I didn’t doubt it or anything! I’m glad I got to see it and I’m thrilled for you!!!

I’m not one of those theme park nerds that says, “GIVE ME YOUR SOUCRE OR YOU’RE LYING!” :crazy_face: :rofl: :rofl:

I have experienced being on the receiving end of that conversation more than once & it’s always annoying…

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The price difference between Surfside and Dockside is generally due to availability of specific room types. But the same room types are priced the same otherwise at both resorts. For example, right now around labor day, Surfside doesn’t have any standard view family suite rooms left, just pool view. The price of the pool view rooms at Dockside are the same exact price…but Dockside, being larger, has a great many more standard view rooms.

To me, having the pool view isn’t worth the extra cost, though…so I guess I would pick Dockside in that case. But I preferred Surfside over Dockside in general.


Not at all when I was implying :slight_smile: just thought it would be good to put it out there for anyone else interested .

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