Do you think WDW will change the FP system when they reopen?

I read the latest Disney Tourist Blog

They discussed the very limited FP availability in June. This got me thinking… There have been rumors about Disney changing up the FP program for a long time. Rolling out a revised or paid FP program after this shut down seems like it would make sense. DSS is closed and not making CL FP’s at this time, so a limited number of guests would be affected by any change to the program. Thoughts?

Someone in the comments mentioned the possibility that the parks might be for the exclusive use of resort guests for a little while to monitor the numbers in the parks themselves. That’s a possibility, although an expensive one, I think.

If they overhaul FP, I just hope it’s not to the boarding groups. I can’t imagine that being a viable system (be at the park at 8am to get a spot in line) for physical distancing. Besides, it means anyone that wants to ride anything has to RD. We don’t want that.


Switching to all virtual queues doesn’t entirely help the distancing problem. All those people have to go somewhere and where they’ll go is the midways, shops, and restaurants where they’ll be bumping into other people. Unless you can send people back to their rooms, you’re only going to be able to fit 1/3 of the normal attendance, no matter how you do queuing.

Which actually gives me a weird, totally infeasible idea. What about having people rotate through the parks in shifts. Like, deluxe resorts can be in the parks from 8:00-12:00, moderates from 1:00-5:00 and values from 5:00-9:00 or something like that. It would keep the lines super short so maybe you’d be able to cram in a pretty large amount of stuff in a short amount of time and then you go back and get locked in your room for the rest of the day. :wink:

My thought wasn’t quite like that. I think it would be more that people would buy AM, PM or Evening tickets. You could mix and match, but you can only be there for a certain amount of time. That said, I don’t know how you empty the park out for the next crowd.


The only way that would work for me is if the ticket is reduced to 25% of pre-pandemic prices


Well the idea is the park can only safely be at quarter capacity anyway. There’s really no way around that math. So if there’s 1/4 the people you could do four times as much in your shift? It wasn’t really a serious idea. I’m just spit balling ways Disney could possibly open before there’s a vaccine or pervasive testing and highly effective treatments.

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I’ve seen one idea somewhere that is essentially a “guided tour” of the park. I’m shamelessly stealing it, so apologies if it was a liner. :grin: Let’s take MK for example. They have a select number of rides open, say 14:

Jungle Cruise
Peter Pan
Under the Sea
People Mover

You pre-book your arrival time to the hour, let’s say 11am. You then proceed around the park in one direction doing each ride once. Much easier to control the crowd, to keep social distancing. No need for FPs other than the “one” for entry time.

Have one or two places open for food with mobile ordering, so you can pick it up when you get there. Say you order at Splash or BTMRR and pick up at Columbia Harbour House. Or order at HM and pick up from Pinnochio’s.

I have heard they will likely use BGs more. I would imagine it will be one at a time. So no rush in the morning to get them.


I could see that.

The guided tour idea is the only one that doesn’t make me want to hit someone.
Well, the resort-only guests would be fine too. What I DON"T want is to pay the same amount of money for a lesser experience.

They already know how to handle time-slot tickets with their ticketed events in the evenings. After the time that people are supposed to leave, they can’t ride anything.


Sounds like a recipe for the antithesis of social distancing.