Do you stalk resort room reservations?

Or in other words, what are the chances a room opens up, semi-last minute at Pop?

Long story short, I am traveling with my sisters who are quite frugal and sprung extra family members into a trip we have planned for Mother’s Day weekend, with one room previously booked at Pop. Staying Sat-Tues. We now need a second room, but Pop now only shows rooms for Sat and Mon nights, appearing to be fully booked for Sunday. Do you think I can pick that Sunday night up by stalking? (I already booked the two other nights, a la carte, so to speak).

I wouldn’t mind changing resorts completely, but at this point getting two rooms at a value other than Little Mermaid rooms seems difficult. And even the Little Mermaid rooms are more than they want to pay. . .

As an aside, it’s driving me nuts that I am working so hard to save them $75 or something. . . I suggested renting DVC points and doing a 2br at SSR, and they don’t seem interested. Actually, I made several suggestions, and at the end of the day less money for the room is their bottom line. (All Stars are also booked for the weekend).

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Pretty darned good, actually

Especially around 30 days from your desired arrival (packages require 30 day cancellation to avoid fees) or 5 days from desired arrival (room only requires 5 day cancellation to avoid fees).

Room vacancy is VERY dynamic and I would 100% encourage you to stalk all day every day. I bet you’ll get what you’re needing.


Also: if this is their bottom line, perhaps they can do that work. You can find them a room, even if it’s not the room they want. But if they want that other room I would encourage them to find it for themselves


Good question. Curious if anyone has had luck with this. I have a room booked at POP end of April for Sun-Th. We were planning to stay until Friday but POP is now booked through the weekend our Thursday night. So I keep checking. BFF not interested in a split stay so we’ll just change flights if we find a room at POP Thursday night.

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Thanks! I have hope because I book rooms I might cancel all the time (and I might be on the cusp of some leading reservations too–since we are getting close to 60 days out). I will keep looking!

And re your other comment–that they can look themselves. I hear that. I feel that. Family dynamics and all that. Sigh.

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Got it :wink:


(but then don’t be so freakin demanding :laughing: )


Thought… why don’t they stay in the pop room and if there’s a resort you would rather you can stay there? Maybe space is okay?


Thanks for your thought. My suggestion out of the gate was that the new people find their own room, and we just meet at the skyliner, parks, or elsewhere. They were insistent that we need to be at the same resort. People can be so hard to please!! :laughing:


I’ve stalked value rooms needing one night for two different trips and was successful.

Also stalked a week camp site at Ft Wilderness.

You’ve got this.

Plus, now with cell phones, different resorts is a piece of cake.