Do you need separate MyDisney accounts?

Going in may/june party of 5 at Boardwalk. Do the 2 adults need 2 separate MyDisney accounts for the app or should we use the same login? Also, do the kids (teens) need myDisney app?

No…unless you or the others want to control plans separately.

In our past several trips, I’ve pretty much been the only one with a MyDisney account.

If, however, you are going to split up and do different things, it might be convenient to have separate accounts.

It really is just a matter of your touring style, and if you want to be responsible for everyone’s plans or share the load.

If we do separate, for example, she brings 1-2 kids back to the resort, and the older kid and I stay in the park, can we still use the same login?

Yes. That’s fine. I mean more like you split up and one group wants to control their own G+ LLs or mobile orders, etc.