Do you need Memorymaker to use photopass?

OK I need to pull the trigger, I don’t think we will use Photopass a ton, no character meals, I doubt my teens will do a ton of character M &G’s but I do like the idea of getting some pictures with all of us in it. How many pictures do we need to purchase to break even? Can you use photopass even if you don’t purchase Memorymaker?

You can purchase individual photos. I believe they are around $15 and sometimes can find coupons on the site.

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Thanks! perfect for us! Did I say something inappropriate? or wrong? I saw it in your response

No, that’s her tagline here. Back when the forum first started, @LaurelStewart gave a bunch of us taglines. She does not take requests. It has been a long time since she gave out any new taglines. Maybe she will see this and give out some new ones! Anyone with one has been around here quite awhile.


Perfect explanation! I remember when I first saw it I thought I had done something wrong and then I realized it was Laurel’s magic. I have always loved it.


I can’t remember why you got that tag line - did you make a comment about something being inappropriate?

No, I may have made sure that Laurel saw something funny in a rather “unusual” way. I did not want her to miss it . It was in the very early days of the forum.

Here’s where mine came from: New Badges. You've earned them

Thanks for posting that link, it was fun to read it again.

I’ve been here since the beginning but never got one :cry::cry:


I don’t think I contributed to that thread. It would be nice to have one though!