Do you need a magicband with an e-ticket?

According to this, it says if you buy an eticket you need to goto the window to trade it in for an rf enabled ticket bf admission if you do’n’t have a magicband. So, if you don’t have a magicband, you have to walk around with a physical rf ticket? You can’t just link the eticket to your disney app and use the phone?

Once you link the ticket to your MDE, then you can use is just like any other ticket… magicband, physical card, or phone app. An E-ticket just means that they don’t send you a physical ticket.

If you need a card, you can get one at Guest services, if you like to use MagicMobile, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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This. Adding that Magic Mobile set up is in “3 lines/hamburger” menu on MDE. Just make sure like @gamusicman said that you also link the ticket number in MDE so the Magic Mobile pass has something to refer back to (it is basically a virtual magic band tied to your account not the tickets if that makes sense).

If you are managing for other adults or people with phones, you can select magic mobile passes to share so they can associate with their own Apple ID to show up in their Apple wallet.

The magic mobile pass shows up in your Apple wallet, including everyone on your account that you manage plans for. Example of mine:

It’s not a QR code that you could text, it works off of proximity (others like @ryan1 can explain better) but you hold your phone by the scanner to check in at the park. You would have to do it for people in your party who don’t have their own phone to do it or their own magic band or card (kind of like scrolling through boarding passes on airline apps to check in multiple members).

We use magic bands but I saw people checking in this way in Jan and cast members are good about helping out since it’s still pretty new.

Right in all of this.

Tickets are assigned to an individual persons MDE profile (i won’t say “account” because kids don’t have their own accounts, and adults don’t have to either if someone else is managing their profile).

Once a valid ticket is associated to a profile, all the touchpoints do is refer to that profile to see if there is a valid ticket associated with it.

The touchpoint accesses the profile using NFC technology. This is the same technology that is in your credit card, if you have one of those cards that you can just “tap and pay” with.

Whether you use your magic band, or the physical card, they are both just NFC transmitters which have been linked to a person’s MDE profile. That’s how the touchpoint associates you with your profile. Modern smartphones can do the same thing (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc) and so the MDE app can create a “virtual magicband” if you will which associates a “virtual ticket” with an MDE account.

Long story longer, its all the same . . . . whether you use the Magicband, the physical card, or create a virtual card in your phone, they all point to the same MDE profile for verification of ticket status.

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thanks…I assume it works with android phones too? (pixel 4a 5g)