Do you leave valuables with bell services?

We’re looking to leave our luggage with bell services on check-in and check-out days, while we have fun in the parks. The only valuables we would leave behind would be tablets really - wallets and phones will stay with us. We’ll have a backpack that can accommodate said tablets but would obviously prefer to as un-encumbered as possible. I understand there are lockers to be rented, but I’m giving up enough scratch already :money_mouth_face:

Do the same rules apply to bell services as with checked luggage - don’t put anything of value inside that you don’t want to come up missing?

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I’ve trusted those types of valuables with bell services. I do lock my bags too; not much of a deterrent.


I used to always bring my computer/iPad to the parks with me in my backpack, and then I rented a locker. Now, I always leave everything with bell services.


I’ve left valuables with bell service before without any problems.


I leave everything :shrug:


Thanks for the reassurances guys. I’ve had stuff taken out of checked luggage before, so I’m still edgy about that.

It’s just cheap tablets, so yolo right?

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Just adding my experience leaving valuables with bell services, which I’ve done many times. Nothing is fool proof, but I feel comfortable that bell services is one of the safer places to leave valuables. Maybe if I had a diamond tiara or something I’d get a safe, but …


Why wouldn’t you just wear it?


I’ve left my stuff with Disney bell service a few times. We usually catch the SW flight landing at 8am-ish and departing at 7pm-ish so the luggage has to go somewhere. I don’t think I’ve ever rented a locker in the parks. I’ve left jewelry and laptops in luggage, never been touched.


My diamond tiara stays clipped in 24/7.


I have left electronics with bell services, no issues. The only thing I would carry with me (not even locker) is any work-issued electronics. My company was very strict and could be fired if any of our work electronics disappeared.