Do you know what I wish?

I wish that Disney would come up with a gluten free dairy free dessert that was as good looking as the ones I see on all the menus. I’m getting tired of Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Lemon Sorbet


The Dole Whip at the Aloha Isle in MK is both gluten free and dairy free. That location has a machine dedicated just to the Dole Whip, so no cross-contamination from vanilla flavors that use casein. See the Allergy Free Mouse article at .

I have a good friend who has to eat both gluten free and dairy free. It’s a challenge!


I’ll go you one further: gf, tree nut and peanut free and low carb. Dairy free is definitely a pain, sorry.

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Seriously my favorite thing ever. I adore the dole whip float!


Ugg. I’m sorry. Once I gave then all of my allergies and it was almost comical. (Gluten, dairy, soy, corn & crab)

Take sugar free cool whip and mix it with sugar free jello. Low carb no sugar and dairy free not sure about gluten but I guess it would be.


Thank you for the suggestion Joe, but there is no way on this green earth that I will eat cool whip.
:nauseated_face: haha
Getting snacky type allergy friendly food isn’t a problem and generally Disney does a better job of taking care of me than I do. But, I’d really like a solid dessert option at table services. Especially if I’m on the dining plan.

This website may help you a little

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I’ll bet you have a hard time getting GF with an allergy of corn and soy. :frowning:

yea, that’s why I don’t usually tell them corn and soy. Those allergies are only level 1, so my reaction isn’t anywhere near life threatening.

Are you not afraid of those allergies becoming worse by ingesting them?

Sometimes. And then other times I’m all sorts of pissed off I even have to worry about it. Mostly I’m concerned how eating my allergens will affect my auto immune disease. Generally, I don’t consume them on the regular and I take allergy medicine for a few weeks prior to my trip and while we’re there. It’s Russian Roulette to be sure.

I guess you need to eat something! I will also eat things I’m allergic to, but those just cause slight rashes, like strawberries and pineapples. Not the same symptoms as tree nuts and peanuts for sure!

yes, as much as I lament the fact that food is stupid, we do need to actually eat :joy: Gluten and dairy will mess me up for days, if not weeks. The others, not so much

We’ve dealt with so many food allergies through the years, so I’ve become a bit of an expert at cooking allergen friendly!

Anyhow, with a Soy allergy, one thing that’s problematic is that someone who is allergic to soy is almost never actually allergic to soybean oil or even soy lecithin. Instead, it is the soy protein that is a problem. By law, however, anything with any form of soy has to be highlighted on the label. So, it if lists “Contains: Soy”, it is worth looking to see if it actually has soy protein or not.

We had an experience just a few weeks ago that shows the importance of checking labels EVERY SINGLE TIME. Several of my kids are anaphylactic to peanuts, including my oldest son. He and his wife were over for a family party (gift exchange) and my other son’s girlfriend had bought him a box of Ho-Hos. (My son had said anything by Hostess was fine because it used to be true!) Anyhow, he started to eat one, and immediately started to notice something wrong in his throat. He checked the label, and sure enough…Hostess has changed their recipe and it now contains PEANUT FLOUR. Not just a “may contain” kind of thing.

Well, out came the Epi-Pen, and the Benedryl, and a trip to the E.R. Fortunately, he treated it immediately and was okay. Just one bite!

Since it turned out okay in the end (after 4 hours in the E.R. to observe him, and 48 hours on benedryl), we’ve chalked it up to a learning experience for him: ALWAYS check the labels. Even if you’re SURE it is okay.


:scream::scream::scream: That is TERRIBLE!! Yikes! I’m glad he’s ok…

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Yes to the whole soy protein vs soy lecithin oil! I can have the oil and lecithin but no soy protein of any kind not even in a tiny piece of taffy. Within minutes I know I’ve eaten some. I have so many food allergies and intolerances that I’m an expert label reader. DH just hands me the package and I can laser focus on “soy, MSG, yeast extract, nitrates, sulfites, etc.” And just when you find a bread or packaged food with no allergen they seem to change the ingredients or discontinue the product or the grocery I shop at decides not to sell it anymore! Drives me berserk!

I feel so bad for your son with peanut allergies because that and gluten are so difficult to watch out for because of cross contamination let alone switching ingredients. Vigilance is key unfortunately for us!

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Oh my gosh, that’s awful! I’ve been guilty of becoming complacent when it comes to reading labels for products that I “know” are safe. When in essence, if it comes in a package, it should be questioned.

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I don’t know if someone here has shared this website before, but it’s a good collection of the allergy menus
ok. so back to the original question:

What allergy friendly table service restaurant desserts do you love?
I’m all over the dole whip pineapple float everywhere and Erin McKenna’s bakery in DS, but I would really like to have something delectable at the table after eating dinner. I mean for real - at Crystal Palace I can have sprinkles for dessert. That’s ridiculous. GF DF is so common these days, they really need to up their game.

I’m surprised as well, by this.

When my oldest son was young, he had all kind of allergies: wheat, soy, egg, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts. Over time, he’s outgrown all of them except peanuts. But when we were at WDW, the only dessert option he could have at the time in Epcot was this gluten free cookie thing. It was so bad, he wouldn’t eat it. I ate it because, being the cheapskate I am, couldn’t see throwing away something that I just paid a fortune for. But…it was bad.

That was like 15+ years ago.

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