Do you know how to get pictures to post in sequence?


I am looking for any hints/tips on how to get you pictures to post in the sequence you pick them (in your timeline) from an iPhone? When I pick more than one picture the only way I can make them go in order is to post them individually .


I have never been able to get them to post in order either, unless doing it individually. It is frustrating, that is for sure!


Have never been able to figure it out. It drives me a little crazy especially when the pictures tell a story - when in the proper order


Hey I know! We should ask a mod!!!

Oh wait… :wink:


You think a moderator is an IT person? Interesting,


Just jokes, friend. Just jokes.


Send me a private message with nothing but a multi-selection of pictures and I will try and decipher what is happening.


I have determined what is happening and will post the answer later this evening


Thank you!


When you place an image on the editor window several things happen before the image is visible in the preview window.

  1. The raw image is uploaded to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and stored there so it can be downloaded at a later time.
  2. A copy is made of the raw image and it is reduced to a resolution can be downloaded faster when users read your posting.
  3. The lower resolution copy is downloaded from AWS and appears on the preview window.

In your case a 3024 pixel by 4032 pixel, 2.41 MB image is reduce to a 375 pixel x 500 pixel, 57KB image.

When multiple images are simultaneously placed on the editor window, they are simultaneously processed by AWS, each image in its own processing thread. The first image returned by AWS becomes the first image that appears in the preview window. The second returned becomes the second in the preview and so forth.

It is the random delays incurred in transferring the images back and forth and queuing them at AWS that are giving you the random placement in the preview window.

The effect becomes much more noticeable when you use images of disparate file sizes

Here "first’, 30MB is placed on the editor first, and "third’, 8KB is placed last, but “third” always appears on the preview window as the first image because of its grossly lower processing time.


You can rearrange the images by rearranging the order of the lines in the editor window that look like this:



Oh! That makes sense! I am going to play with that!


That is great info just too much work