Do you have to be there when amazon delivers groceries?

We did not order any alcohol. I am trying to pick my delivery time and am having commitment issues!

We used Amazon in December and it was delivered to bell services while we were on the DME bus, and we had alcohol.

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This is good to know. On our last trip, everything I read was that they wouldn’t deliver alcohol unless the actual person was there to receive it (to ensure it wasn’t ordered by someone underage). Outside of that, no issues with needing to be there for the delivery. We just received a message from bell services letting us know the delivery had arrived.

We have ordered both Garden Grocer and Amazon three separate occasions and were never there when it arrived. Zero issues! They hold it for you and will bring up to your room whenever you arrive and call down for it!

We always order alcohol through Prime Now and have never been there for delivery. No issues. That’s not to say anyone should count on it - I believe the official stance is that they’re meant to see ID before handing over the goods. We do always plan delivery for a time when we’ll be at the resort, just in case. :slight_smile:

For non-alcohol deliveries there is no need to be there at all - they just drop off with Bell Services and you collect at your leisure. Bell Services will refrigerate any perishables for you.