Do you have tapstile tips?


A lot of people seem inexplicably very confused, lost or even comatose in the tapstiles lines and it really irritates the hell out of me LOL

If you look well you can see it in their eyes and you just know they will take forever scanning and fingering. Run away from those people !!! :crazy_face:


Omg my husband can spot those comotose people from a mile away. I know exactly what you’re talking about. My husband will be VERY impressed if we arrive at a park and I know where to go (we plan to RD a lot) and get us in near the front. That’s why Im asking.


One of the tips (I believe) is to get in line next to the taps dedicated to early breakfast reservations. At some point those will open up for the rest of the masses and you can saddle on up to the front of that line. But if you are there early enough you can probably get to the front of any line. I don’t think a particular side makes too much difference at that point.


My daughter (5 at the time) had a terrible time of the finger scan. We entered the park every day for 7 days and it never worked. EVERY time, we had to do the photo thing. So hopefully there will be some tips here. Also, sorry to all for being “those people.” DH’s and mine worked fine!


That must suck ! For my son, they made me use my finger on the first day and then after that I would always use my finger for him first and then for myself…


We received a tip from a CM for kids that age after having the same issue with our 6 year old. Make sure to have them place their finger completely on the scanner, with the tip of their finger touching all the way to the back edge. Then they always know how to put their finger on, since their finger is smaller. It definitely worked.


Oh Lord. Thanks for the heads up about the finger thing. I’ll have 2 kids with me. If you see me in line, dont get behind me!! Save yourselves!!


@jflaff so you’re saying you were able to use your own finger for your kids to enter?


Yes, they allow this.

I think partly for the convenience but also to allay fears about them “recording fingerprints”. Which apparently the6 aren’t, a scan is different to an actual fingerprint. But that’s semantics.


We were permitted to use mine for my kids on our trip in 2016, but were not permitted in 2018. I think it depends on the CM’s.


When my DS was younger, a CM recommended having him use his thumb instead of his index finger–it worked much better (I think because it is bigger).


yes, exactly :slight_smile:


We gave up eventually and used DH’s finger for each boy. I handled the bag while he took the boys through the no bag line and got them through the tapstiles. Which worked great…until he left early on our last day and then I had to go through the photo thing again. I’m sure that’s an odd occurrence but next time we’ll give that more thought ahead of time.


I used my finger for my kids. The CM told me to!


No tips, but one of the funniest posts I ever read here was from @JJT Stuck at Tapstile Question


We’ve always had to use our finger on at least one of kids. I could say maybe Feb will be different, but no. no it wont.


It will work for anyone in your party if you’re having trouble. They let me do that for my mom when she had trouble getting her finger correctly on the tapstyle. They said to me though that so long as it’s not the same finger for both people, you’re good(which is slightly different to @jflaff’s experience) And of course they only let me know that on the last day we were there. :smile:


If you rope drop AK, people will form up into two to four tapstile lines. As they open the floodgates and people start entering the parks, they will suddenly open additional tapstiles to the left and right of those main lines, and people in the know will dash up into the new lines. We were caught flat footed and missed the opportunity. It will get you closer to the front of the pack when you reach the bridge before Pandora.


Good one!


@bethro23 Hilarious!